About Us

D E S I R A B L E S was born on the principle of confidence and beauty. By naming each piece after women in the Bible, I want to not only put a spotlight on the magnificent women of that time period, but to bring a little knowledge your way as you purchase each piece. Women of the Bible are strong. They stood beside men both strong and weak and were able to do things with such faith and conviction.

They are true symbols of beauty not only from their physical appearance but their strong faith in the Lord and their family's morals. Many of these women are understated or misunderstood. That is why I am so excited to showcase each beautiful lady who was able to contribute to the history of Christianity in their own special way.

Lingerie doesn't always have to be utilized in the bedroom with a sexual connotation. With the ever popular trends of bralettes having taken lingerie to a new market, undergarments can allow women to love themselves and feel confidence with these lacey little beauties underneath their oversized sweaters.

Lingerie can give a women a special little boost that doesn't always need to be shared with the world or with their partner. It is called intimates for a reason! Be intimate with yourself and love yourself in every sense of the word. And if you cant love yourself first, no one else will ever be able to love you enough. Except God, of course. He's always got your back. :)


*All items are made-to-order. Please expect up to 3 weeks for creation and shipment.*



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