Bio Cards

Anna Desirables by AmberNicole
A N N A:  Was seen at the purification of Mary and at the birth of both Jesus and John. She was a devout worshipper of christ and became a missionary. Her strength and beauty comes from her persistence and blind faith. The name Anna means “favor” or “grace” which is very fitting for a kind soul like Anna. She saw the beauty and innocence in others and gave them grace.
    • Missionary; devout worshipper of Christ
    • Name meaning Favor or Grace
    • Luke 2:36-38


      Leah Desirables by AmberNicole

      L E A H:  Was the wife of Jacob. She was also Rachel’s sister. She is believed to not have been as pretty as Rachel and Jacob seemed more interested in Rachel than herself. Because of this, Leah’s father Laban planned to trick Jacob so that he would marry her instead of Rachel. Leah’s beauty comes from her undying love for Jacob and how she would do anything for him, no matter what the cost. Even without the physical beauty, Jacob came to love her more than Rachel because she was very faithful and had many wonderful children with Jacob. Both women (Rachel and Leah) were fighting for Jacob’s attention. Leah’s name means “wearied” which reigns true in how she was concerned that Jacob would never love her as much as he lusted over Rachel.
        • Loving and faithful wife
        • Bore the founders of Israel
        • Name meaning “wearied”
        • Ruth 4:11


          Rachel Desirables by AmberNicole

          R A C H E L:  The sister of Leah and the lover of Jacob is Rachel. She was supposed to be Jacob’s first wife but her father Laban tricked Jacob into marrying his other daughter Leah instead. She was known for being “lovely in form and beautiful”. Rachel was beautiful in her physical appearance while Rachel means “ewe” which is a term of endearment from this time frame.
            • Name meaning “ewe” - title of endearment
            • Known for her natural beauty
            • Became Jacob’s second wife after 7 years
            • Genesis 29:17 & Ruth 4:11


              Esther Desirables by AmberNicole

              E S T H E R:  Was the Persian queen of her time frame. She gave such a strong impact that she has her own book in the bible! Esther was a heroine who was able to bring her nation out of genocide and her actions will be remember forever. Her name derives from the word “star” which is what she was in the eyes of her people. Esther finds her beauty in her strength and power as the queen.
                • Whole book just for her.
                • Her name means “a star” which she was to her people
                • Became queen of Israel
                • Esther 2:17


                  Rebekah Desirables by AmberNicole

                  R E B E K A H:  Is found in the bible as one of few “true love stories”. She was in love with Isaac but her father Abraham refused to have her family marry into the Canaanites. Her story with Isaac is remembered and loved by many as one of the most romantic scenes in the Bible. Her name meaning “captivating”, which was true in her beauty towards men. Rebekah was modest, meek, kind and gracious making her beautiful in both her personality as well as her physical charm.
                    • Name meaning “captivating” for her beauty towards men
                    • True love story- one of most romantic scenes in the bible
                    • Modest and meek, frank and open, ready kindness, great energy and faith, graciousness matching her physical charm
                    • Genesis 22-24


                      Salome Desirables by AmberNicoleS A L O M E:  Was a persistent follower of Jesus. She was one of the saintly women who followed Jesus in Galilee. She did not question Jesus for a minute and began to persuade those around her to follow as well including her sons. She was so ambitious and strong willed and her devotion brought her a true inner beauty. Salome derives from “shalom” meaning “peace”. Salome found peace in our Savior and was devoted to sharing the good news with others.

                      • Ambition- strong willed and devoted
                      • Name deriving from “shalom” meaning “peace”
                      • Mark 15


                        Hannah Desirables by AmberNicole

                        H A N N A H:  Personifies Ideal Motherhood. She continuously prayed in times of sorrow and pain while living with Penninah - who taunted her about being childless - and while childless.
                          • Name meaning “gracious” or “favor”
                          • Barren; prayed and pleaded with God for a child and God provided Samuel, her son, meaning “asked of the Lord”
                          • 1 Samuel 1


                            Chloe Desirables by AmberNicole

                            C H L O E:  While we don't know much about Chloe, we are told of her fruitful beauty and grace. Chloe was selfless and wanted care for others. She was able to care for Pal in her home when he needed her most and that is how she showed her true beauty. She was kind and cared for others when no one else would. Her name means “green herb”.
                              • Name meaning “green herb”
                              • Corinthians 1:10-12


                                Joanna Desirables by AmberNicole

                                J O A N N A:  Was one of the lucky that were healed by Jesus. The moment she was ridden of her sickness, she began to follow him and the disciples. She was an upper class citizen who provided money in order to help Jesus along his journey. Joanna means “the Lord is grace” which is exactly what she found in Jesus; grace that relieved her pains and sickness. We see Joanna’s beauty in her relentless love and devotion to Jesus as she followed him and helped him along his way.
                                  • Name meaning “the Lord is grace”
                                  • Present at the crucifixion and continues honoring him after his death
                                  • Present at the tomb when he was found to have risen
                                  • Luke 23-24


                                    Abigail Desirables by AmberNicole

                                    A B I G A I L:  Grew up in a very strong Jewish home with a lot of education. She was not only physically beautiful but also very intelligent. She was married to man named Nabal who was a terrible man that she prayed for regardless of whether he was worthy of mercy from God. Abigail found happiness and peace in God even when the people around her were unhealthy for  her. She was able to stay happy despite her negative family/household. Abigail means “cause of joy” which was exactly what she was. She was the light in the darkness of her home and she stayed faithful to God no matter what the circumstances.
                                      • Name meaning “cause of joy”
                                      • She pleaded with David in favor of her mean husband Nabal
                                      • Wise and strong
                                      • 1 Samuel 25: 1-42


                                        Eve Desirables by AmberNicole

                                        E V E:  As many of us may know, Eve was the first woman ever created. As a descendant of Adam, she was considered a complete and perfect woman. She is said to be the most beautiful woman of all time, coming from God’s reflection of divine perfection.She was also the first to ever commit sin and succumb to Satan. Eve means “mother of all who have life” which is quite literal to what she was. While she was beautiful physically, she made decisions that affected all of mankind as it is today.
                                          • “mother of all who have life”
                                          • Mother of the first murderer, Cain
                                          • Genesis 2: 20-25


                                            Ruth Desirables by AmberNicole

                                            R U T H:  Was the wife of Boaz. Capable of unique friendship, she loved her Mother-in-Law Naomi and refused to leave her side. Naomi was a wretched woman that was difficult to love but Ruth found friendship in her.After Boaz died at a young age, she became a widow and clung to Naomi. With everyone so miserable, Ruth maintained poise and serenity and showed how much faith she had in God. The name Ruth means “something worth seeing” which was true about not only her physical beauty but her big heart and personality.
                                              • “Something worth Seeing”
                                              • Devout worshipper
                                              • Ruth 1:15-22


                                                Delilah Desirables by AmberNicole

                                                D E L I L A H:  Means “delicate” or “dainty one”. This was seen in Delilah’s delicate and beautiful appearance. She found she could manipulate those that loved her because of her appearance. She betrayed her husband to the highest degree by tricking Samson into believing she loved him but really she just wanted money. She would make him feel guilty for not giving her his money and that he didn't love her enough. She remains as a warning to all men to beware of the charm and wiles of a wicked, scheming woman. While she is not the nicest of women found in the bible, we can find Delilah’s beauty in both her physical appearance and her powerful demeanor and how she knew how to get what she wanted and wasn't afraid to fight for it.
                                                    • Willing to do anything to get what she wants
                                                    • Knew that she could use her beauty to trick a man
                                                    • “Delicate” or “dainty one”
                                                    • Judges 16: 4-21


                                                      Lydia Desirables by AmberNicole

                                                      L Y D I A: She was known for selling a special dyed fabric and is seen as being independent and business minded. She was a unique business women because in spite of all of the secular business she dealt with, she found time each day to pray and worship God. Lydia was raised as a Jew and was not a Christian until later in life when she converted and was baptised. With such wealth from her business, she had a large home with servants. After becoming a christian, she began to utilize her home as a place to phropesise. Lydia is beautiful in her determination and her independent mindset. She had her own business despite the gender expectiontations of the time frame.  
                                                        • “Bending”
                                                        • She not only worked hard but also served the Lord and was rewarded more because of it
                                                        • Acts 16: 12-15


                                                          Jezebel Desirables by AmberNicole

                                                          J E Z E B E L: Was married to the king of northern Israel, Ahab, making her the queen. She was a nasty woman. Ahab was fascinated by her beauty and forceful character which worked in her favor so she could share the throne with the king. She was ambitious, proud, and strong. Maybe not for all the right reasons, but she was beautiful and knew how to get what she wanted.
                                                            • “Chaste, free from Carnal connection”
                                                            • She attracted immediate attention
                                                            • Tried to get rid of worship of God and to make them worship Baal
                                                            • 1 Kings 19-21



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