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So this month is a very special month for me. This time last year was the catalyst for what Desirables is today! As a student at UNC-Greensboro, a student organization called Threads hosts a breast cancer awareness fashion show each year in October. As the VP of Design for the organization last year, I was eager to get to work on designing some looks for the show as well as for such a great cause. For this particular show, designers are allowed to be inspired by anything they want as long as they utilize the color pink in their designs. I decided there was no better thing to be inspired by than the thing we were there to celebrate-the woman's body! This is when I got the idea to first try lingerie. 

Being the VP of Design meant I essentially ran the entire show, so designing, working, and going to school full time became a task and a half and I STRUGGLLEEDD on learning how to make lingerie. It may be cute and little, but dang is it hard to make! Once I finally figured out what I was doing (kind of) I came up with 3 different lingerie looks all including outwear such as a robe or night gown so I could keep the looks modest for a "family friendly crowd" for the school.

The outcome was great and ultimately is when I decided I really liked designing for this market and the possibilities seemed endless for me! I was off and running coming up with pieces that I could wear and test out. And that's when my good friend Brian asked me to be apart of his Savage Beauty fashion show. It was about 6 months down the road so I had time to plan, but I had no clue what the heck to design for it. Then God spoke to me and I immediately knew I should be doing the lingerie I had recently learned to love. As I began to create the styles, the pieces just fell into place so perfectly, I knew it was nothing short of a God-thing. That is about the time I decided, "why don't I make this a real business!?" And that is exactly what I did, so here we are! 

I say all this to tell you that this is why October is so special for me. It is when I discovered my passion and my dreams. And now that I am able to stand here and live them out, I want to give back to the cause that started it all. All this month Desirables bralettes will be 40% off and some of the proceeds will go to finding a cure for breast cancer here in Greensboro, NC! 

Every little effort counts, and I am so excited to be a part of the cause. 

Pink Power 2016

Pink Power Fashion Show 2016

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