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Hey pretties,    So this month is a very special month for me. This time last year was the catalyst for what Desirables is today! As a student at UNC-Greensboro, a student organization called Threads hosts a breast cancer awareness fashion show each year in October. As the VP of Design for the organization last year, I was eager to get to work on designing some looks for the show as well as for such a great cause. For this particular show, designers are allowed to be inspired by anything they want as long as they utilize the color pink in their designs. I decided there was no better thing to be inspired by than the thing we were there to...

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YALL. I am sooo pumped! We have officially booked our very first vendor event! We will be set up at The Royalle Fashion Show here in Greensboro, NC. The event will be held at the Meridian off of Meadowview Rd from 2-4pm with a fashion show to ensue at 4pm! I am super jazzed because I have always wanted to have a booth in the community for others to see Desirables and be able to shop in person rather than just online! While I am making the pieces to order right now, it is time to kick it into high gear to get some inventory made! We will have around 6 of our top styles in all size runs available for...

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Savage Beauty Brand Debut

So lets do a quick little #tbt to talk about this awesome fashion show. I have done quite a few fashion shows now, but this one in particular was extra special to me. August 19th, 2017 at 7pm was the moment I showed my entire heart to a room full of 300 strangers. I went into this show feeling so honored that Brian Atkins, a local Greensboro designer, thought so highly of me that he chose little ol' me to be one of two of his featured designers in his fashion show. Love that guy, he rocks. At the time that he asked me to be a part of it, we were at a charity Avant Garde fashion show back...

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Strike A Pose!

It happened! I prepped for this special day for many many weeks. From searching for the right aesthetic, creating all the styles to be sold and deciding who would best portray my pieces, I was tossing and turning thinking about how these all would come to life. Above all else, the struggle I found was picking the perfect photographer. With a brother and a father and even my best friend's mom being a photographer, you would think the decision would be a no-brainer! But no, of course I don't know how to make these things easy on myself! I wanted to find a woman photographer who would see my pieces through a unique, modern and simplistic lens. I knew I...

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Desirables Birthday!

 This is it, ya'll! The day I have been planning for almost a year now. I feel like a proud mom as I begin to launch the first brand that I can call my own. And to think, I just graduated from college! I may be crazy but hey, all the good ones are, aren't they? I have dreamed of owning my own business since I was about 16 years old as I sold hair bows to my friends in school and at my church. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs it just seemed natural for me to dive right in. The moment I fell in love with lingerie was the moment I knew this brand had to be...

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